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Whether we like to admit it or not, we've probably got important personal files on our PCs... home and work. Maybe a list of passwords, maybe even social security numbers of family members, etc...

Well, I found a pretty useful program, it's called EncryptOnClick. It makes protecting these files through encrypting/decrypting very simple.

After installing the software (quick and easy), you have an icon on your desktop for the EncryptOnClick program. You simply drag a file to the icon and you are prompted to set a password for the file (Don't forget the password, it's impossible to get back!!). It then converts the file to an encrypted file that is safe from prying eyes and you are protected if you happen to get a virus and someone uploads your data to a rogue server etc. When you want to use the file, you simply double-click on the file (the extension gets changed to .EOC), enter the password and the file is decrypted for use.

The program is free. There is a "Pro" version that works with entire folders and other add-ons but the free version will take care of any files you have around that contain personal info.

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